Morenito de Triana – Guitar

Morenito de Triana was born in Slovakia but has a Sevillian soul. He started playing the guitar when he was twelve years old after listening once to Paco de Lucía. There began his lifelong romance with flamenco. In 1999 he moved to Seville where he lived and worked for six years. Instructed by Gerardo Nuñez and Niño de Pura he became a finalist in “Concurso internacional de guitarra flamenca de Niño Ricardo”. He performed at many concerts in Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Costa Rica, Germany, Russia, Turkey, and Peru. He was the opening act at Paco de Lucía, Gipsy Kings and Antonio Rey concerts. Putting together artists from all over Europe Morenito de Triana has created this unique project called Flamenco Experience 6.






Tomás Liška – Double Bass

Tomáš Liška studied upright bass at the J. Ježek Conservatory in Prague and subsequently completed a Masters Programme at the prestigious Jazz Institut Berlin, under the tutelage of renowned North-American musicians and professors Greg Cohen and John Hollenbeck. Tomáš performs at Jazz festivals and venues across Europe, the United States and Latin America. Among his main collaborators are David Dorůžka, Steve Walsh, Luboš Malina, Druhá tráva, Beáta Hlavenková, Cyrille Oswald, Lenka Dusilová, Eternal Seekers, Mark Aanderud, and many others. His debut album Invisible World (2009, Animal Music) was awarded the Tais Awards 2009 prize and it was nominated for the Anděl Prize. Also nominated were his subsequent albums Milokraj (2014, Animal Music) and Bercheros Odyssey (2014, Animal Music), Fragile Bliss (2016, Animal Music).




Václav Greif – Piano

Czech jazz pianist and saxophonist, Václav Greif, will perform on the piano. He is a member of many other successful flamenco bands and he also organized a workshop about musical improvisation at the conservatory in Pilsen and accompanied soloists in the Theatre of J.K Tyl. There he composed several compositions for the successful stage production. His talent for Afro – Cuban rhythms connected to jazz creates the harmony for ears and it adds uniqueness to the band Flamenco Experience 6.






Nikola Zaric – Accordion

Nikola Zarić, whose parents are originally from Republic of Serbia (Bosnia & Herzegovina), was born in Vienna. Since the age of seven he has been in an inseparable relationship with his instrument – accordion. As a student, Nikola has always been a big admirer and follower of Professor Jovica Radosavljević. Nikola studied in a few conservatories like Gustav Mahler and Franz Schubert where Radosavljević used to work. Currently Nikola is a graduate student in “Vienna Conservatory”. Thanks to numerous concerts in middle and east Europe and close cooperation with huge names in the music business, Nikola owns an big universality which is both virtuoso-folk and classic-concert oriented. In 2014, with the band “Donauwellenreiter” and Australian Jazz-Accordion Klause Paier, Nikola opened the big Accordion Festival in Vienna. Two years later, he also played in the gala night of this manifestation with his accordion quartet called “Belofour”. Current projects: Turumtay/Zarić, Vila Madalena, Belofour, Flamenco Experience 6, Invisible World Quartet, Solo-Performance, He is well–known for many prizes from competitions from Austria, Italy and Serbia.





Michael Cába – Percussion

Michael Cába was musically shaped in childhood in a family of a jazz bass player Charles Cába. At the age of 13 Michael began his studies of drums and percussion under the leadership of a drummer Ivan Audes. His other teachers were, among others, George Nightingale, Ángel “Cepillo” Sanchéz, Yuvisney Aguilar Rojas, Pedro Pablo Mireles, Manley “El Piri” López, Calixto Oviedo, Yomar Amador Morejón, Marvin Diz, El Panga, Rodney Barretto, Guillermo del Toro Michael has extensive experience of playing in groups, such as Los Remedios, Flamenco Element, Arsa y Toma. In addition to flamenco cajones, he specializes in Afro- Cuban instruments, such as congas, bongo, timbales and Batá drums. He taught at Music School Chválenická in Plzeň and at Elementary School of Arts in Stod.






Virginia Delgado – Dance

Born in Madrid, started dancing at the age of 12. She studied at the legendary dance center “Amor de Dios”, combining her training with the classical dance at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid. She studied Spanish dance and Flamenco with prestigious teachers such as Isabel Quintero, Belén Maya, Rafaela Carrasco, Penelope Pasca, Ciro, Paco Romero, Carmela Greco, Manuel Reyes, and Concha Jareno among others. Classical ballet with Karen Taft, Dagmara Brown and Aurora Pons, and the contemporary dance with Elia Road. Elegance, character and personality define this flamenco dancer from Madrid who during her career has been part of numerous companies allowing her to develop her art performances on stages of Paris, Monaco, Zurich, Munich, Prague and Bratislava. In 2013 she created the first Flamenco company in the Czech Republic “Danza Flamenca – Virginia Delgado “, which presents the project “Mujeres”. Virginia is currently combining her teaching work in Prague and in various cities of Czech Republic with the project “Flamenco Experience 6″.diferentes ciudades de la República Checa con el proyecto Flamenco Experience 6.